Our Tenants

Promote your business to its greatest potential in a community of professional, enthusiastic and creative business owners.

Beer'dSmall businesses are thriving at the Mill!  Visit the artisanal bakery, nano brewery, clothing boutique or even take a yoga class. The historical location lends itself to all types of businesses and usage.

The following uses have been accomodated or are a possibility for use at the Mill:

Art Studio & Gallery
Business & Professional Offices
Personal Services
Retail Store & Storage
Work & Repair Shops

Gifts & General Merchandise
Clothing & Accessories
Furniture & Antique
Warehouse & Distribution
Manufacturing & Assembly

Artists & Craftsmen

tourscroll-43For 10 years the Velvet Mill has been home to visual artists and American craft artisans studios.

Painters, photographers, printmakers, and many more disciplines make their studios here amongst the historic walls of the facility.

Glass blowing, Fiber Arts, and Pottery are just a few of the American Crafts that form part of the Velvet Mill’s creative community.